Paris - San Francisco Artist Exchange
images from the exchange - San Francisco, October 2006
Silvia Poloto and Dominique Bayart, San Francisco painters.
Jean Chazy of Paris and Camilla Newhagen of San Francisco.
Diane Rollins Feissel, Juliette Lemontey and John Feissel.
Parisian painters Rena Tzolakis and Sonia Burel.
Painters April Hankins of San Francisco and Jacqueline Fauchere-Fruchere of Paris.
Les photographes: Ari Salomon and Jamie Krueger of San Francisco.
Cheryl Finfrock, Annie Arrasmith and Malcolm Dean of San Francisco.
Tiffany and Andrzej Michael Karwacki.
Silvia Poloto, Annie Arrasmith, Malcolm Dean.
Painters Patrick Lipski of Paris and Juliette Lemontey of Grenoble.
Mitchell Durkee and Andrzej Michael Karwacki of San Francisco.
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