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 My former studiomates (1890 Bryant Street, Studio 212 - San Francisco, CA):
 Chris Leib
 Tessa Merrie
 Michele King
 Michael Schoenig
 Juliette Lemontey - (resident/guest artist in the fall of 2006 and 2007, returning 2008)
 Michelle Muldrow - (formerly in the studio, now in Ohio)

 Art links in Raleigh, North Carolina:
 311 West Martin Street Galleries and Studios (our website will be available soon!)
 Visual Art Exchange
 Flanders Art Gallery

 Other artist friends and acquaintances:
 David Baker
 Jimmy Chen
 Matt Condron
 James Colbert
 Ilana Crispi
 Hollis Heichemer
 Alex Kanevsky
 Juliette Lemontey
 Jacob Pfeiffer
 Jennifer Poon
 Rick Price
 Eric Alan Pritchard
 Douglas Randall
 Maxine Solomon
 Christopher Stout

 Other Bay Area artists of interest:
 Kim Cogan
 Anna Conti
 Jeff Dikio
 Ashlee Ferlito
 Gage Opdenbrouw
 Stevan Shapona
 Gustave Feissel
 Sharon Feissel

 Other artists of interest:
 Bo Bartlett
 Stephen Conroy
 Ray Donley
 Jenny Dubnau
 Ann Gale
 Alyssa Monks
 Justin Mortimer
 Istvan Sandorfi
 Shaun Richards
 Timothy Stotz
 Erwann Tirilly
 Nicole Michelle Tully

 other links

 Other Friends and Family Business Links:
 Chris Campbell - Subimage
 Gustave Feissel - Photography & Design
 Sharon Feissel - Fine Art Photography
 Alexander Lofft - Corporate Real Estate Group, LLC
 Gregory Paone - Paone Design
 Joseph Rodota - Collector of California Art
 Andrea Scher - Superhero Designs